The World According To James (Aged Four)

My little lad is off school today. He had been ill in the night, but is now feeling better. He played with his dinosaurs, and I watched a programme about what happened before the Big Bang.

Between the two, I discovered the following:

The universe was not created by the Big Bang, there was something before it. Dinosaurs were made extinct by volcanoes. If they hadn’t become extinct, we would not be here as we would still be in our mothers’ bellies. The eyeballs of dead fish are in heaven.

An informative morning. Not even reached lunchtime yet. I’ll let you know when we’ve come up with an alternative to Darwin’s theory of evolution. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to involve apple trees.

6 thoughts on “The World According To James (Aged Four)

    • He has a thing about fish and their eyes. When we are shopping, he says “Can I go and see the dead fish?” Most kids gravitate towards the toys.


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