To Create, And Grieve, And Thank

In the midst of their grief at losing our family dog, Rydal, my kids have been demonstrating just how therapeutic doing something creative can be. Perhaps, on reflection, my previous post served the same function for me?

My eight year old daughter, Millie, made this colourful tribute:


And, with her brother, James, set up this little shrine beside her bed, using Rydal’s dog chews:


They have come up with the idea of releasing balloons, carrying away their thanks and goodbyes, as they put their dog’s ashes in the garden. And so, this we will do, and then they will move on, carrying with them, wherever life takes them, their memories and laughter and tears.

The night after Rydal died, Millie said the following prayer, which was both sad and a little mature:

“Dear Rydal, I didn’t want to let you go, but the next time I see you will be when I’m at the Rainbow Bridge. I’m sorry if my memories fade.”

We won’t allow that to happen. We will document, and remember, and share. Bringing out into the light that which we cherish within.


City Jackdaw has been a bit heavy of late, I know, so I’ll post something a bit lighter next time, I promise. But to all of you fantastic people out there, who shared Rydal’s story, and took time out to leave such lovely and encouraging messages for my family, I am profoundly grateful.

There has been a lot of positivity coming our way, which has helped enormously. We have a fantastic community here, on the often maligned social media sites of WordPress and Facebook, which makes the risk of reaching out all worthwhile. For what we give out, we get back ten-fold.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “To Create, And Grieve, And Thank

  1. Look at their faces. Such sweet children! Love their tributes. I’m glad they’re able to share their thoughts like that.

    I haven’t been on Facebook much lately. But I’ll pop over now and leave a message.


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