It Feels Like The End…but It’s Not

A brave and honest post that sums up perfectly the difficulties of life, the healing power of creativity, and the more positive aspects of social media.

Katie Metcalfe

I never in a million years imagined that I would be writing something like this, but writing has helped me heal since the very beginning, and it will help me to heal again.

Yesterday I received the news that the relationship I was in was over. That the man I loved didn’t love me and that he hadn’t for some time. I’ve never felt such agony before. Long-term readers will know I’ve been through the wars. I’ve battled anorexia, hypochondria, manic depression, all of which bring their own excruciating mental, physical and emotional pains. But this…this was a new kind of hurt.

Trying to describe it is the hardest thing in the world…I felt like I was being eaten from the inside, like my heart was being gnawed on by some daemon with poison tipped teeth. I was blisteringly hot, then glacier cold and wanted to vomit repeatedly, though my…

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