Blue Rain Dawn

Blue Rain Dawn

Blue rain dawn,
crawling the morning 
line of nodding fern,
savouring the green
and fronded lawn,
while resisting an
incumbent call 
for home.

Incipient joy
on faded days,
when the sun 
still shines on within
the jaded sky,
and birds sing on
beyond the frosted pane,
and never do I rest,


This is a poem that I have submitted for an anthology planned to raise money 
for Cancer Research UK.

7 thoughts on “Blue Rain Dawn

  1. Ahh this is just splendid.
    I love the phrase ‘Nodding fern’ especially…
    I’ve been doing a fair bit of gardening recently and come across the more disagreeable plants.


    • I learnt of this anthology when the deadline was almost over, so dashed this poem off to send. I’m not too keen on the last couple of lines, but ran out of time.


  2. A beautiful, vivid and emotive piece, which paints a picture of image and sensation simultaneously. It carries a sense of melancholy, yet also a sense of yearning; This is extremely powerful.
    You have a remarkable talent.


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