R.I.P George Cole

Every Sunday evening, in the mid-eighties, I would be sat in front of the television, hair drying from my bath, eating sandwiches made with meat left over from that day’s Sunday lunch, and dreading school in the morning which would hold an exam that I had more than likely not revised for.

The programmes I would be watching were Minder, followed by Tales Of The Unexpected. 

In the former, George Cole played Arthur Daley, the likeable small-time con man, Dennis Waterman his  tough guy ‘minder’. He would constantly refer to his never seen wife as ‘er indoors’.

Great memories (that theme tune is running through my head right now) and a great character, played by another of my childhood figures now gone. The list of those that remain grows ever shorter. R.I.P



5 thoughts on “R.I.P George Cole

  1. Goodness me Andy, you’re a ray of sunshine right enough! Any more good news? I felt old today for the first time.😉


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