Swedish Interlude

Just a quick post to let you guys know that I will be away for a few days.


Well, the moon is a bit of an exaggeration, (and I hope that my mode of transport is a little more robust), but I thought you might  prefer that image to this one:


Except all of you feet lovers out there. And mutilated feet at that.

No, I am going to Stockholm tomorrow, and don’t arrive back until late Monday night. I am pre-occupied at the moment with making that most crucial of decisions: which book do I take with me to read on the plane? And then no doubt doing some last minute packing.

In the meanwhile, I would be obliged if you could keep an eye on the old Jackdaw site for me while I’m away. Make sure she’s secure, and don’t forget to put the bins out on Monday.

See you soon.

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