Seven-Shot Stockholm

These photographs were taken on my recent visit to Stockholm. They were actually taken by the friend who accompanied me, but some of the shots were suggested by me. I have the eye, but not the equipment! So, let’s say, we can share a 60-40 credit, yes? In his favour. Begrudgingly.


Night falls fast on Stockholm.


One of the many cobbled streets of Gamla Stan for me to get lost in. I really could do with an in-built Sat Nav. Pigeons seem to have it sussed.


Nobody in sight to ask directions from.


Rainy evening, made me think of home.


Same again, but with a puddle. It had a Christmas feel to it. The town, I mean, not the puddle.


A double rainbow on Gröna Lund. The Abba museum is over there, so it’s obviously a sign that the band are going to reform.


The Swedish night, as the sun sets on our Nordic adventure.

Photographs by DJB

Scenes pointed out by me.

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