28/09/15: 3.20am

28/09/15: 3.20am

The moon is blood-red tonight.
Astronomers and soothsayers
add to their bedpost notches,
while the celestial agnostics sleep on,
settled into tidal rhythms,
scored by an undercurrent hum.

I remember seeing one such moon
in the eighties,
more rounded and pock-marked
-I, not the moon,
when the shadow devoured
at a more suitable hour,
my father still here
to share the spectacle,
ruminating and rummaging
through the ides of time.


This is a rough, first draft of a poem written in the wee small hours 
of this morning.

11 thoughts on “28/09/15: 3.20am

    • Thank you Mary. I feel it needs a few more lines to finish it off. And yes, I was thinking of my Dad, and that night, as I was sat outside in the darkness, looking up.


  1. Lovely sentiments, beautifully observed. As a keen photographer, I felt a bit guilty about staying in bed and missing the eclipse. Perhaps not that keen! I love “scored by an undercurrent hum” – it is an image/concept I have struggled to put across in my poetry.

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  2. The moon has a very special tie with me, so thank you for this. I missed the blood-moon sadly but did have a beautiful two nights appreciating the moon’s beauty. It’s in my culture to celebrate every late September with my family (the mid-autumn festival) and I think you picked up on just that, partially anyways. I know better as a poet than to assume anything. Awesome stuff 🙂

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    • Thank you very much. Yes, I try to catch all of nature’s great wonders if I can: bird migrations, eclipses, meteor showers, etc. The world is full of wonders, it’s up to us to connect.


      • Indeed. The best thing we can do is to be one of those on whom nothing is missed. This kind of appreciation is rare, I love seeing it in words 🙂


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