Of Creeping Mind

I’ve been sat outside tonight reading ghost stories by the criminally forgotten 19th Century writer Sheridan Le Fanu, drinking coffee and watching both the night and the fog descend: a gradual, conspiratorial settling upon my conceding town.

Setting is everything.

The muffling atmosphere has put me in mind to watch Jack The Ripper with Michael Caine.

It may only be the first day of November, but winter evenings start here.


4 thoughts on “Of Creeping Mind

    • Yes, the particular book I’m reading is a collection of his stories gleaned from extinct periodicals by M.R James himself, put together some time after Le Fanu’s death.


    • I have by no means read all of his writing, but (up to now) two of my favourite stories are free on Amazon Kindle. The collection is called In A Glass Darkly, and is available in three, free volumes. The two stories I like are Green Tea (a clergyman haunted by a monkey) and the great Carmilla (a vampire story that pre-dates Dracula. The character was played by my old friend Ingrid Pitt in Hammer’s adaptation The Vampire Lovers).


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