Heading North Is Here!

The day has finally arrived: my poetry collection, Heading North, is published today by Nordland Publishing. I’ve seen a preview copy and I’m really pleased with it, and proud of its inclusion into Nordland’s Songs Of The North series.

The blurb on the back of the book reads:

Andrew James Murray is a writer and poet from Manchester, England.

Heading North takes us on a journey where we travel from the childhood and youth of summer in the South, to the mortality-facing winter of the North.

‘We ride in the wake of glaciers,

leaving behind the sunshine straits’

‘North, north, always north,

heading into midnight’

For those great, supportive people who have visited Jackdaw and expressed an interest, here is the link to it on Amazon UK:




For American readers, here is the link to Amazon.com


13 thoughts on “Heading North Is Here!

  1. I am immensely chuffed for you! The book looks great and I cannot wait to read it, just ordered my copy! I have no doubt I’ll be passing it on to some of my fancy new writer buddies. 🙂
    Eeeep! So exciting!!
    (Oh, and I couldn’t help overhearing about a birthday. Happy birthday! I hope all is well!)

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    • Thank you-and thank you for ordering. You have been reading my poetry for a while now, and I appreciate it. May I be so bold to say you are in my fan base of one?! I hope you enjoy it PJ 🙂


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