Tranströmer, 3.30am

I tossed and turned but could not sleep, so got up in the early hours, reading by lamplight, in the creeping silence, some Tomas Tranströmer.

3.30am, the following lines:


At home stood the all-knowing Encyclopedia, a yard of bookshelf,

in it I learned to read.

But each one of us has his own encyclopedia written, it grows out

of each soul,


it’s written from birth onwards, the hundreds of thousands of pages

stand pressed against each other

and yet with air between them! Like the quivering leaves in a forest.

The book of contradictions.


– Brief Pause in the Organ Recital, 1983

4 thoughts on “Tranströmer, 3.30am

  1. Okay, this is a bit weird, but…I tossed and turned in the wee hours of this January 10th on the other side of the ocean and pulled out your “Heading North” to begin my mini-review…decided to visit your site to contact you, but found no way to e-mail you privately. L.Marie has my e-mail address and is my connection to you&your book. Please ask her for it and contact me as I have some questions about how you’d like me to present it.

    “All the week
    should be a Sunday.”


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  2. Yay! So nice to see Laura connecting here with you. 🙂
    Your musings after tossing and turning are much more lyrical than mine. I might get up and grab something off a stack of graphic novels by my bedside and read for half an hour. 🙂


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