8 thoughts on “Bowie: In All Of His ‘Changes’

    • He did. Speculation was made about the lyrics, which became more clearer and poignant when his death was announced. The day before his death I saw the video to ‘Lazarus’ and remarked how old he looked, not realising he was dying. He looks frail and helpless in the bed, and at one point wears a suit from his past. The consummate artist, he turned his death into art. I can’t think of anyone else who did that, maybe Johnny Cash in his extremely moving Hurt video. Have you seen that?
      Check out the Lazarus video. I have just seen this comment about it on Facebook, by an obvious fan:

      this is what somebody wrote about the song. i was so touched.. maybe you like it too : Daniel Małecki: I’m all shaken with emotions.So poignant video , painful truthful and so beautiful , a perfect match to perfect song. It brings tears into eyes. Him laying on the bed like an crippled aging sick men , so hopeless ( close up of his thin beautiful hand with very prominent now veins is so significant …) , then it’s like he’s longing to something , his spirit is raising him up , body has been lifted off the bed… And he’s wearing his 1976 silver stripes outfit which fits him as well now as it did back then… He’s young man once again , dancing in a way which looks like struggle ( I feel it’s deliberate as movements looks like they’re causing him pain ). So heartbraking this is…Him sitting at the desk and writing with skull beside. I know song was written to Lazarus and it’s Thomas Newton years on from the time he Fell To Earth but…I can’t help but guessing now , after watching video which gave this wonderful wonderful song all new dimension that it’s also about dying , getting old and passing time , nostalgia to the youth and although we know he had aged in recent years ,lighting and close ups on his face , hands , the way he moves and expressions of despair and unbearable pain on his beautiful face were all done on purpose. Then he’s dissapearing in the wardrobe , just like he has realised he’s old again and is shy of sudden raise of young spirit , dancing… Not beautifying himself here , not using stupid tricks and tones of make up and effects : this video is beautifully naked and truthful. Forgot about women under his bed.Have to watch it over and over again but another great video comes to my mind : Thursday Child which is also about getting older version, nostalgia etc. And there is older women in Thursday Child video too , there is close up on his neck with a wrinkles on it , him putting contact lenses on , then he sees young himself in the mirror , mature women is a girl again too…Ah , it’s all so intriguing and leaves so large field of interpretations.I love you so much David Bowie.


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