The Tableaux Of Drunkeness

This is a photograph that was taken in Manchester on New Year’s Eve. It was posted on Twitter, a tableaux of drunkeness that was said to capture well the city on that particular evening. It truly is a visual feast: everywhere you look, there’s something going on.

Manchester, in all her glorious mayhem.


We later learned that all’s well that ends well: the guy being restrained by the police officers was not arrested, and left the scene after calming down.

And the reclining guy in blue, (upstaging all others in his model-like pose while  commendingly not spilling a drop of his drink in the process), was later traced and said, maybe not surprisingly, that he had no recollection whatsoever of being there.

He almost looks photoshopped. Perhaps he believes that he was.

Inspired by the artistic merits of this scene, Twitter users impressively stepped up to the plate:
















Hope you enjoyed this cultural feast.

Art for art’s sake, to quote a certain Mancunian group.

Welcome to Manchester, 2015. Just.

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