6 thoughts on “A City United

  1. Andy, could you elaborate a little more for us Yankees? We no longer have news here anymore — just talking heads and endless coverage of Hillary, Bernie, Ted, Jeb, and Marco….without really saying anything at all….


    • Of course. Today is the anniversary of the Munich Disaster, when, in 1958, a plane carrying the Manchester United football team crashed when attempting to take off (for the third time) after a European match. Several people were killed, among them eight members of the team: known as the Busby Babes, due to their young age and the name of the manager: Matt Busby. With crew and newspaper staff 23 of the 44 passengers died. One of the journalists was an ex-Manchester City player.
      Every year the anniversary is marked at Old Trafford (home of Man.United football club).
      The photograph above is from 2008, when, by a fluke of random fixture arranging, the 50th anniversary was the day of the Manchester derby, when the city’s two teams play each other. With intense rivalry, there were fears that the day would be marred by a few idiots breaking the silence, etc, when both clubs laid wreaths in the centre of the pitch. But everybody behaved impeccably: the fans with the blue scarves were Manchester City fans, the red ones Manchester United fans. As a blue, I was worried, but came away proud that we had played our part.
      So my post title is a pun:A City United refers to both teams, coming together each year on this date to remember those who died, in my home city of Manchester.

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