Five Point Update

First day of the kids being off school for a week.

We went to the library, where a woman breastfeeding was too much for my giggling five-year old son. He was whispering to his sister (not very quietly) “Millie!” while pointing at the woman, then having fits behind a bookcase.

I began writing a new poem called ‘Corvid’. Crows, woods, roadkill.

I started reading Capote’s In Cold Blood. The only novel of his left for me to read.

I watched a programme about sharks off the Cuban coast. Encountered one I’d never heard of before: the Silky shark.

Not a bad day at all.

And going to a concert tomorrow. More on that later.

4 thoughts on “Five Point Update

  1. Love to see guys embrace their ‘inner Daddy’…your kiddos are very blessed. However – reading Capote while on kid-duty? Just hope the social workers aren’t lurking behind those library book stacks, too…(this is a joke, just in case you didn’t know)
    Sounds like you & kiddos have a great week ahead…maybe do Mom a favor and surprise her with a family-home-cooked meal when she gets home from work! Just sayin’.


    • Ha ha, my Capote indulgence was later on, on my break 🙂
      I’m very domesticated…well, quite domesticated. I look after the kids while my wife is out collecting dead bodies. Seriously.


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