My Spring-Cleaned Blog

It’s all about timing.

Spring is (more or less) upon us, and, in this time of new beginnings, it coincides with the three year anniversary of City Jackdaw. It has been a fleeting three years-this jackdaw flies fast, and in all that time my blog has remained the same, appearance wise.

So I’ve decided on a little overhaul. The large, feathered friend who for the last thirty six months has faithfully headed my blog has gone, replaced by many other members of his flock in flight.

I have added a new ‘About’ page, and added a ‘My Writing’ page (ooh get me!). I’ve also added the ‘Featured on Freshly Pressed’ widget that I had been given, two years after the fact.

Things may need a little fine tuning, but that can wait until morning.

My posts will remain the same varied mishmash of things.

Hope that’s a positive.

10 thoughts on “My Spring-Cleaned Blog

  1. Hmmm, so you had no WP problems doing this, eh? Well, I’ll be going on 3 years blogging the end of the summer, perhaps there is hope for my plans to revamp also…if nothing else, in content of the static pages…
    BTW: I just learned that your revered jackdaw is in fact our despised grackle! How funny. I thought only the Southwestern USA had these invaders. Living in the Southeast now, there are none of them around…but we do have vultures HA!


      • Ever hear of “Heckle & Jeckle” ??? Two cartoon corvids (magpies) that sat in a tree and harassed other cartoon characters…
        BTW: I admit I had to look up the word corvid. 😀


      • Yes-I remember those! I read a good book about corvids (primarily about crows). Very intelligent, with some fascinating facts: flying upside down after witnessing an air show; how they figure out to get at the fruit inside nuts: drop them on the road for cars to crush. When retrieving them proved dangerous, they started dropping them at traffic lights and swooping down when the lights were on red. And look into crow funerals!


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