If A Drunken Donald Sutherland Did Johnny Cash

Some students were doing interviews outside MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) when they were interrupted by a drunken man.  What followed was three minutes of Mancunian brilliance. I think he looks like Donald Sutherland, but anyway, he made a great Man In Black. Even if the security guy was not so enamoured with his performance.

Not always like the great man himself when under the influence, this guy was polite and remembered his lines.

I love my home city.


2 thoughts on “If A Drunken Donald Sutherland Did Johnny Cash

  1. Paul does look a bit like Donald Sutherland. Good gosh, but you Brits are polite. Had Paul been drunkenly singing anywhere in this country, he’d have been wrestled to the ground and handcuffed or worse.


    • He was polite and friendly enough, though. What my wife affectionately calls ‘Happy Drunks’. If he’d have been aggressive it may have been different. The despairing look on the security guys face made me chuckle. 🙂


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