On The Creative Cusp

Nordland Publishing shared this yesterday:

The second of the Northlore series, Mythic, is in the works. Submissions are interesting, and varied and there will be a strongly unifying aspect to the entire collection. This makes it unique, as anthologies go.

We are currently editing and assembling the stories and poems in order.

No release date just yet, but soon…Soon!


I have a short story included in this, and, going off the previous volume, it should be a quality book. Something to look forward to.

8 thoughts on “On The Creative Cusp

    • šŸ™‚ A reviewer mentioned my story in the first volume: ‘. . . in his bleak story And The Snow Came Down.’ I will take bleak šŸ™‚ This one is even darker. To show I’m not a one trick pony, humour does feature in the novel I’m working on šŸ™‚


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