My Hesitant Lover

From an early frost, the day has emerged into a thing of beauty. I would show you, but the camera on my phone is temperamental. Instead, you will have to picture it:

the blue sky is barely adorned by cloud, the sun shining down upon the newly-budding trees, and the birds are busy gathering nesting material from this urban, crumbling Eden.

Here, in what is often referred to as ‘Rainy Manchester’ there is a sense of making the most of things. The air feels lighter, and scented with inspiration. I’ve been sat outside this morning, giving a few tweaks to some new poems:



Six Line Poem;


(and, ironically)

Rainy Day Blues.

After the publication of Heading North, it would be easy to get carried away and start to think of another collection.

But it is too early-the poems will come when they come. Seek too hard and they will be chased away. My muse is a hesitant lover.

6 thoughts on “My Hesitant Lover

  1. Your poetry process is so interesting, Andy. Writing fiction is like that for me. It comes when it comes. Though there are some things I do daily, I know when it flows and when it doesn’t.

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    • That’s right. Sometimes I ‘get a feeling’ to get creative, and it is normally more fruitful than when I decide to try to write something ad hoc.


  2. This is a beautiful piece of writing. And very humbling and centering. I am so impatient! It is as if I expect that I am some sort of machine that should just be producing or progressing all the time. Just who do I think I am? Haha. This is a great reminder to let things develop on their own time – my creative works as well as my life. That patience, the natural rhythm, and your eye for subtlety are part of what makes you such a great poet. Thanks for sharing it today!


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