Remembering Lee Rigby

Three years ago today the community in which I live, the community in which Lee grew up and his family still live, was rocked by the news of what happened in London.

And how, in the shadow of that tragedy, this community came together.

R.I.P Lee.



6 thoughts on “Remembering Lee Rigby

  1. I am sorry, And – for your community, and for the world. I had to google his name. How horrifying. Somehow, I missed seeing or hearing about this when it happened.


      • Thanks Mary. Yes-our town became the focus of the world’s eyes at the time. When it happened I did a post called My Community Mourns, it may be highlighted below this post or you could search for it. At the time I was hearing some calls for reprisals, about targeting local Muslim business’, senseless though that was. I thought I should post something to counter this.


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