Thought For The Day

(After a sudden storm hit when getting the kids from school.)

Even in my postie days, that was the worst downpour I’ve ever been in. What I learnt from it was: 1. James is delusional. He expected Millie and I to go for a walk around Middleton for forty-five minutes while he played football in the hall. 2. People who sell waterproof clothing need to be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act. 3. Being in such a deluge, when a car passes you on the junction of Windermere Rd and Wood Street and the splash it gives you is so high it actually goes in your face and over your head, you don’t feel any wetter.


And THAT is the result of today’s school run!


2 thoughts on “Thought For The Day

    • Warm beverages weren’t needed-it was still warm, just wet! Kids went in school this morning with multi-coloured trainers as school shoes were still soaked. Videos of our flooded town centre appeared on FB and YouTube. Flaming June!


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