Father’s Day Mix

The kids sat me down ready, then came in like two kings bearing gifts.

Millie placed this before me.



“I’ve made you a football scene. There’s the goals, and the fans are saying ‘Happy Father’s Day’.”

“Wow, that’s cool!” I enthused.


One figure was removed:

“That’s mine!” exclaimed James.

“I’m using it for one of the crowd.”

“It’s a stormtrooper!” he protested.

Next she produced a bag of goodies, fishing out items like a magician’s handkerchief.

First up was an open packet of chewing gum-with just one stick in. Then a packet of Love Hearts sweets, with the advice: “They may be a bit out of date, though. I’ve been eating them off and on for a few months.”

Then a beautiful, colourful, hard bound book. “I know you like birds, so I got you this. When you open the pages, it plays the different bird songs.”

It was pretty cool. That’s why I bought it her a couple of years ago.

Next up was James. He plonked a cardboard crown upon my head. “You’re the king for the day.”

He’d brought it home from school two weeks before. Then he handed me his football.

“Here-a football.”

“Is this for me?” I asked.


“So I can play with it now?”


“And you won’t play with it anymore?”

He thought it over. “You can have it just for today.”

My wife asked me if I was brewing up.

“Me? You should brew for me. It’s Father’s Day.”

“You’re not my father!”

Later my daughter Courtney called, and produced a bar of Fruit and Nut chocolate for me. I put it on the side for later. “I will have that after my tea.”

Later on,  Millie and James were loitering in the kitchen, circling around like hungry sharks.

“Dad, are you gonna open that chocolate?”

11 thoughts on “Father’s Day Mix

  1. Another ‘present’ that I forgot about:
    Jenny got me a voucher for National Holidays, the coaching holiday firm, back in December, and I haven’t used it yet. She got the kids to give it me again, to let them think it was something more substantial among the plethora of wonderful things they were presenting me with. James: “This is for National Holidays. Can I come with you?”


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