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    • Well we are in uncharted territory at the moment, everywhere is knee jerk reactions. Think we need some time to discover what it all means for us, but there is much instability at the moment with the result and the Prime Minister resigning, Scotland and Ireland speaking of independence referendums, etc.

      I voted remain.

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      • Yeah I can understand the shock and most people don’t fully get what they voted for. Saw somewhere that some Britts didn’t even know what EU is. Now other EU countries are worries and the people living in UK. I was actually supposed to be in UK and study, dunno how that could have affected me as a Swedish citizen. Sorry to hear about the situation there, hope it works out!

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    • It is. Much is being made at the moment of us being a divided nation: English v Scottish, young v old, etc. Seems the younger age groups voted remain.
      What’s done is done, people have to get their heads together now to restore unity and make the most of things.

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  1. I had a hard time sleeping last night. Where I live, we’re five hours behind the UK. Finally, about 2:00am my time, some of my UK friends began posting the sad news on Facebook. We are experiencing a similar divisiveness here in the lead up to the Presidential elections. I’m pretty terrified that Donald Trump could actually end up as President, unbelievable as that seems.

    May be trouble ahead, indeed.


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