10 thoughts on “Unity

    • That is true. (Well, if they were real!)
      There are a lot of abusive comments being made about how people voted. My take on it now (I voted remain) is what’s done is done, we all have to deal with the aftermath now, however we voted. There is enough divisiveness going on: Euro and Brit, Scots and English, old and young. We need stability, and unity. And some of Laura (see below) ‘s peaceful wishes. But I’m an idealist 🙂

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  1. Who knew the whole world would be watching Pooh and Piglet in their quest to maintain a friendship birthed out of their love of a newly divided country?
    These are hard times, indeed. Who better to watch than the UK????
    Hang in there, mate.
    peaceful wishes sent from over the ‘pond’

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