The Way To A Man’s Wallet Is Through His Ego.

Copped for a girl selling something in the local shopping centre today:

“Hello sir. At the risk of offending you, may I ask how old you are?”

Me:”At the risk of offending me, you tell me.”

“Twenty-three or twenty-four.”

Me:”You’re having a laugh aren’t you!”

“How old are you?”


“Sorry, thirty . . .?”

Me:”Not thirty-four. Forty-four.”

“If you don’t mind me saying so, sir, you look absolutely amazing!”

Me:”Admirable tactics, but no sale.”

13 thoughts on “The Way To A Man’s Wallet Is Through His Ego.

  1. 😀 There is one metro station here that has one of these product testing companies. You know, blind tasting and filling in forms. I obviously am looking my age these days, they never stop me any more …

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  2. Yes, I remember a time – many years ago – when fourty-four sounded sort of really really old. Now it sounds just about right.

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    • For obvious reasons I tend not to look much in mirrors. So I still walk around thinking I’m an early twenties guy. A student came to stay with us this week from Switzerland, and it sunk in that I’m almost three times her age. The reality checks are starting to come thick and fast now 🙂

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  3. One positive thing about living in a small town where I also grew up: there’s a lot of people who see me as the kid I was back then. I can’t possibly be 46. That would mean that the ones who remember me as a kid when they were adults must be really old. So, I am forever young right now. But there comes a day when the older generation is gone and the younger generation who know me only as a adult will tell me my real age. But I will never grow up no matter what 🙂
    I like being my age though. I don’t mind getting one year older year after year. I’m still me.

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    • I know exactly what you mean. I still live in my home town, in fact next door to my childhood home, and I often see old school friends. To me they are exactly the same, even when I see these old school friends of mine now dropping their children off at school. We still greet each other by the old nicknames (I’m forty-four and still ‘Muz’!) and the women, despite now having bore a married name for up to twenty years or so, I still refer to by their maiden names when they were girls in my class. Yes-I’m still deeply and happily entrenched in denial 🙂

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