Thought For The Day

It is 8.30am. My kids are in bed. My wife is in bed. Our student is in bed. I’m reading The Catcher In The Rye. If the next seven weeks can continue like this, these school holidays will be a cinch.


5 thoughts on “Thought For The Day

    • I know it’s heralded as a classic, and of course there are parallels between Salinger and Harper Lee. The last time I read it was twenty years ago, as a John Lennon fan curious about his murder. There were no clues, all I could think of was the many ‘phony’ references, but I guess the clues would be in the mentally unbalanced mind of the killer and not the book he was reading.
      Twenty years ago I was indifferent about the book, this time round I loved it. Though I’ve read that, for many, it is normally the reverse.


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