Thought For The Day

My wife, who always loves a bargain, came home from shopping yesterday to inform me that she had managed to buy forty-eight (yes, forty-eight) boiled eggs for a pound.

She only has one egg cup.


14 thoughts on “Thought For The Day

  1. Wait till egg cups are on offer also 😀
    Honestly, I’d have done the same. Boiled eggs with a sauce of orange marmalade and mustard are delicious 🙂

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      • Ok, you didn’t mention that! Good thing is: they last 🙂

        English not being my native language, I am afraid I can’t come up with nice word plays 😦
        It would be too eggshausting to think of eggstra eggsaggerating eggsamples. All I can offer is this one, which I eggstremely like, though it needs some eggsercise to pronounce:

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