Thought For The Day

To break the ice with our new student, who is from Switzerland, I suggested that the kids ask her some questions about her country, her culture, and her life in general. They agreed:

“Would you rather go in a house full of spiders or a house full of bees?”

“Would you rather wear a hat with a wasps’ nest in it, or a hat with a tarantula in it?”

“Would you eat a fat caterpillar or a cup full of ants?”

Not exactly what I had in mind.

Think she will move out by weekend.

8 thoughts on “Thought For The Day

  1. *giggle*
    I like your kids! Either the student will move out or she is as mean as I would be (or at least try), makes up some horror stories and scares the wits out of your munchkins *evillaughter*

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    • Funny you should say that. The previous student, also Swiss, told the kids (with much prompting by me) about Father Christmas’ dark helper Scmutzli, who dresses in black and hits the kids with a broom. We, ahem, I mean she, also told them about the Bear Woods, where the children are left overnight when they are naughty, and also the House Of The Whips And Hot Pokers where they go if they refuse the woods.

      Funnily enough, after the questions in this post, above, these are what the children were interrogating the new student about 🙂

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      • *lol* That’s great! Seems the stories have left some impression 😀 😀

        Teach them some German and send them over. We’ve got a decent collection of horror literature. They’ll love it *lol* Cool kids!

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