To Hitler, From Gandhi

I came across this (real) letter today, written in vain-as history tells us, from one notable historic figure to another.

Two people, poles apart in both attitude and geography, joined together by a written appeal.

I wonder if Adolf bothered to reply?


10 thoughts on “To Hitler, From Gandhi

  1. Very thought provoking.

    Just the fact that this exists and how natural it seems for someone like Gandhi to make such an appeal. But then, in looking at how Gandhi worded his appeal, I’m not sure if it’s rooted in his humble attitude towards all of life or if he feels he’s in the realm of some great person…and signing it ‘your very sincere friend’ is troubling to me.

    Where did you find this? Were you researching WWII stuff?

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    • I came across this letter while viewing various images from history.
      I have since learned that Hitler never received this letter, as it was intercepted by the British government. As for addressing Hitler as ‘friend’ Gandhi’s understanding of his practice of non-violence meant that he saw no-one as an enemy.
      There was a second letter that he sent to Hitler, after war had commenced. This was apparently a more strongly worded one. Though I haven’t seen the letter in its entirety, some of it can be read here:


  2. Oh my goodness! How poignant!!! And like Laura said, how troubling that Gandhi was a friend of Hitler! But at least it gave him the basis for making this appeal.


    • In actuality they never met-and it’s not even known if Hitler replied. But Gandhi at least tried reaching out to him before the world went up in flames.


  3. I admire Gandhi’s courage to reach out to a complete stranger, a world leader, and someone with such power who, it is my understanding, was already demonstrating rather intense xenophobia and a predisposition for violence. To throw aside propriety and decorum to do what one feels is right is a demonstration of the depth of a person’s character!

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