7 thoughts on “The 2,800-Year-Old Kiss

  1. Maybe it’s me and my funky mood today, but my first impression of this photo is he has a hole in his head. I think she did it in a fit of pique and is saying, “oh, love, sorry!” Ever the gentleman, he flung his arm about her and replied, “it’s only a flesh wound.”


    • I read this in the comments:
      These human remains were unearthed in 1972 at the Teppe Hasanlu archaeological site, located in the Solduz Valley in the West Azerbaijan Province of Iran. The site was burned after a military attack. People from both fighting sides were killed in the fire, which apparently spread quite unexpectedly and quickly through the town. The skeletons were found in a plaster grain bin, probably hiding from soldiers, and they almost certainly asphyxiated quickly. The “head wound” is actually from modern-day excavators.

      Doesn’t sound quite as romantic does it?!

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