The 2,800-Year-Old Kiss

I saw this on the Facebook site History In Pictures.

Discovered in 1972 in the Solduz Valley, the pair are estimated to have died around 800 B.C.

All those years, locked in this loving embrace.



7 thoughts on “The 2,800-Year-Old Kiss

  1. Maybe it’s me and my funky mood today, but my first impression of this photo is he has a hole in his head. I think she did it in a fit of pique and is saying, “oh, love, sorry!” Ever the gentleman, he flung his arm about her and replied, “it’s only a flesh wound.”


    • I read this in the comments:
      These human remains were unearthed in 1972 at the Teppe Hasanlu archaeological site, located in the Solduz Valley in the West Azerbaijan Province of Iran. The site was burned after a military attack. People from both fighting sides were killed in the fire, which apparently spread quite unexpectedly and quickly through the town. The skeletons were found in a plaster grain bin, probably hiding from soldiers, and they almost certainly asphyxiated quickly. The โ€œhead woundโ€ is actually from modern-day excavators.

      Doesn’t sound quite as romantic does it?!

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