I stayed up watching Wild late into the night.

We are all on such journeys:

geographically; emotionally; spiritually.

Take it in.


19 thoughts on “Journey

  1. I love that movie, and I loved the book even more. My very first reason for looking into visiting California was that I wanted to ride The Pacific Crest Trail, the trail she is walking. I wanted to ride all the way from Mexico, to Canada. I even had the date set up for when to do it, March 2012…My daughter is born July 2012..I haven’t done the whole thing yet, but I have ridden many portions of the trail. The landscape is extraordinary!

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  2. Maybe not the best thing to do when heavily pregnant! Riding some of the trail sounds fantastic, though. Would love to see it. Maybe check out the book I’ve spoke about with Linda, above ^^ I remember her blog featuring an interview with author (she was kind enough to interview me, too!) Andrea Watkins who wrote a book about her walk, think it was something to do with her father, maybe in his memory?

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