I had so much that I intended to do today, but in the midst of such busyness and bluster, as Kahlil Gibran put it:

I meant to do my work today but,a brown bird sang in the apple tree..

12 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Very lovely.
    A squirrel ran in front of my car, so I was almost late for a meeting. And then I was distracted by how large the squirrel was, and what would happen if the squirrel launched itself at my car and bit through the hood, using super-squirrel strength.

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    • I’m glad the squirrel was unharmed (and that your imaginative wondering reveals the writer in you). I recall one of the first things that I read on your blog, which impressed me, was that you brake for geese.

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      • I still do. 🙂 Unfortunately their timing is horrendous. I was trying to mail a letter at the drive-up mailbox. Well, a flock of geese decided to cross the parking lot the moment I headed to the box. Had to wait for the flock to cross. 😦

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