The Two-Season Shots

Today was a rain-sodden, autumnal day, greeting me first thing this morning as I poked my head out of the attic window of my bedroom. It reinforced my opinion that Christmas decorations should not be up before December, or at least before all of the leaves are off the trees.


Then I walked into The Printworks in Manchester. In the shadows of this covered thoroughfare I was greeted by this Ice blue vista:


Bet you can guess which one the kids preferred? The wife too.

They went off spending money, I went off counting leaves.

6 thoughts on “The Two-Season Shots

  1. I dunno, Andy. There’s something Christmasy about the first shot–the red and green. 🙂 But I know what you mean. I saw some Christmas stuff in stores before Halloween.

    I admit that I have some Christmas lights up at home. But many people–particularly college students–leave twinkling lights up all year.

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