4 thoughts on “Marker

  1. Very sweet…did you put the poppy on his grave or does the cemetery do this?
    I’m not much of a history buff (hubby fills that role to overflowing) but I know enough that WWI (especially for the UK) was a ‘dragon’ thought to be slain only to rise up again in the form of WWII.
    How hard that must have been for those of your ggf’s gen to endure.

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    • Yes, we placed the cross. Every year we attend a service at Collyhurst memorial (a town not too far from mine) as I have a Gt.Grandfather listed there. (I visited his grave in Thessalonika in 2007, the 90th anniversary of his death.) Then we go on to a nearby cemetery and place the cross on the (unmarked) grave of my other Gt.Grandfather. I always remember on this day that both of my Grandmothers grew up without a father because of that war. That one was especially devastating because of the Pals Battalion: people were encouraged to join up with their friends, work colleagues, families etc. The effects of which had not really been considered-whole towns would be decimated after severe battles when many of their men folk were killed together. I’m not sure if it was because of this Pals strategy or not, but there is a street in my town whose name was changed to Foxhall Street after a tribute to the Foxhall family who lived there. The mother lost four of her sons in the Great War.


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