8 thoughts on “R.I.P Leia

  1. I know. I hoped she would, too. Though, upon learning that she was on a ventilator, I was afraid it wasn’t likely. My father-in-law collapsed at home in November, was rushed to a hospital, put in ICU (intensive care unit) and put on a ventilator. After a grueling four weeks, he didn’t make it either. It has really been a year unlike others, hasn’t it?

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    • Aw Mary, so sorry to hear that. Being saddened about the passing of people who we have made an attachment with in childhood and over the course of our lives is one thing, but to lose a family member is something else. Yes, it’s been quite a year. Every day we are hearing of the passing of someone here, either well known in our country or worldwide.

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  2. …but you know, her life was one of survival and overcoming – all while leaving her creative mark on the world. I think the fact that she didn’t pass away due to an overdose or anything related to those struggles stands as a shining last legacy…

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