The Four-Year Flight

 City Jackdaw has now been flying for four years. 

Despite just having to use the smelling salts, his wings aren’t showing signs of tiring just yet 🙂

To all you great people who visit me here in my cyber-roost, be it regular or occasional:

Except my anniversary was yesterday.

 So make that +1. 

I used to be a postman. Always late.

11 thoughts on “The Four-Year Flight

  1. Congratulations and I’m glad I found your blog. Don’t remember how, but that doesn’t matter. I hope you will stay up in the air flying for a long time here. I like reading your blog and your comments 🙂

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  2. “Hey there, Mister Postman!” congrats on the Big Four…I’m about 6 months behind you on this landmark blogoversary, keep on paving the way!
    BTW: got this in my reader – guess it was a weird, yet typical WP glitch.

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    • Glad that Jackdaw alighted in your reader again 🙂
      The six months bit: a quote of George Harrison’s came to mind, about Paul McCartney always being nine months older than him. “Even now, he’s nine months older than me.”
      I’ll try and let you catch up 🙂

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