So, Tonight’s Conversation . . . 

 . . . between my wife and I.

Me:”I’ve just picked up a book about Julian of Norwich.” 


Me:”You know who Julian was?” 

Jen:”Of course I do.” 


 Jen:”A bloke from years ago. See-I surprise you don’t I? I might not know what he did, but I know he lived years ago. So there!”

 Me:”Julian of Norwich was a woman.” 


16 thoughts on “So, Tonight’s Conversation . . . 

      • Just curious, all your followers know your passion for history – what’s wifey’s passion/interests? In other words, you expand her world with the Julian’s of history, and she expands your world with????

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      • She inspires me with her work based tales. She has worked in psychiatry, and now works in the funeral business. As well as funerals, she also picks up bodies for the coroner. The murders, suicides, accidents, etc. Not a job many could do, me included. On a lighter note-see my reply to Anna below.

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    • There is a word that I’ve coined called Jenisms. I post these on Facebook and they are very popular-they are conversational gaffes that my wife makes. Many people say that I should bring out a collection of them-I’m thinking on it! With my wife’s approval of course 🙂

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