Tribute Video To Carrie Fisher

On the same day that I saw the first trailer for the new Star Wars movie, due out in December, I saw this great tribute to the late Carrie Fisher. It shows just what a funny and feisty woman she was.

Thought I’d share it with you guys.

5 thoughts on “Tribute Video To Carrie Fisher

  1. I realize I have to get into that space world. Maybe it’s unbelievable, but somehow I managed to miss the whole star wars series! I have absolutely no idea why.


      • May the Force be with you. (I realise that, having not seen the films, that sentence may not have any meaning for you whatsoever. Even after trying Google Translate: “I still don’t know what he is saying!”)

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      • I know that line and I know a little about R2D2. But I really like to see the whole picture of the story. Not just some namnedropping or linedropping. I have to get into this. I’ve been waiting far too many years.


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