Spend-A-Penny Pops

A great old photograph here, with “Momsie, Rita, Hazel and Dorie” written on the back, along with the year – 1910.

The four women look into the camera as they are about to leave on a journey, or perhaps they have pulled over along the way, because if you look carefully you can see someone in the background.

Is that Pops?

When you gotta go you gotta go.

4 thoughts on “Spend-A-Penny Pops

    • Yes I love these old photographs. Leaves me wondering about the people in them. Who were they? What lives did they lead? Where do they now lie? There is a sadness there too. But that is life. That is time.

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      • I did a post about why I love these old photographs and was moved by them. I think it was in the days before I had the pleasure of your company here on WordPress. If you put in the search bar on my blog A Sense Of Absence you should find it.


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