7 thoughts on “Thought For The Day

  1. Oh how cool…I remember the first time I was notified by a friend of a friend who’d gone into a very famous secondhand book & music store in Nashville and found a copy of my first cd!!! How did it get there, in Nashville? Most of the commercial sales I knew about included across the states, local areas and overseas, but Nashville itself feels like more of a foreign country to me than anything offshore!!!My music is not exactly bluegrass/country! HA! Probably why it ended up in the second hand place. (I do like those genres of music, tho!)
    Anyway all that to say – your voice is being heard!

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  2. Nashville seems a very cool place to rest for a while before finding a new home 🙂
    As for my book, I just wonder at the extortionate cost. It’s obviously one that hasn’t been devalued by signature 🙂


  3. Wow. You have to wonder how it wound up where it did.

    Welcome to my world. My sister-in-law purchased a few copies of one of my books for $1 each. After a year of being on the market.

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  4. Hmmm, maybe it’s in great condition…but my copy is signature-free and wouldn’t fetch such a second-hand price. Perhaps because it is definitely ‘well-used’. I like to think you’d be pleased by that fact! I keep finding gems I’ve missed other times of reading…perfect type of poetry book in my opinion.
    Keep on poet-izing, Andy.

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