Today Has Been A Difficult Day

Today has been a difficult day.

-The girls from my daughter’s class crying this morning in the playground in fear for a classmate who attended the concert. (She did not come into school but she was safe.)

-The tales related personally to us by people who were there, as well as someone who treated the injured in hospital.

-The people still on edge in Manchester:the shopping centre evacuated; people fleeing along the high street in panic; rumours spreading, men arrested.

-The distraught woman begging on television for news of her (still) missing daughter.

-The story of the homeless man, normally passed by and ignored on the street, who ran to help the injured, cradling a dying woman in his arms, comforting a young girl who had lost her legs, pulling nails from the faces of children.

-The victims beginning to be named, the ages, the photographs.

-The kids.

-And then:

People gathering together in their thousands in the city centre in a show of defiance and unity. And on the estate where I live, we joined together in a local chapel, finding solace and comfort in community.

We will see what tomorrow brings.


19 thoughts on “Today Has Been A Difficult Day

  1. Tomorrow brings love, and comfort. I won’t bring understanding I’m afraid – but I hope it brings a resolve to still try to reach out rather than turn away.

    I know this is easy for me to say, as I am not and was not there. Manchester is in my thoughts and prayers.

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  2. Thank you for these snippets of insight into what you’re going through as well as the character of your community…I notice the sun is shining full force over your ‘beautiful city’ and its people in the photo…it made a special appearance!

    But the kiddos…geez….I wish the world truly was a ‘mothering’ place (reference to ‘Mother-Earth’).
    Still praying…especially for your daughter & her classmate(s).

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    • Thank you Laura. Still difficult times ahead-the identities of the victims slowly being revealed. But there is a real sense of unity in the city. It is not so often I have a sense of pride, but felt incredibly proud at the response of my fellow Mancunians.

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  3. It hits so hard especially when it is somewhere so close to home. Even here in Clitheroe we feel a sense that it happened to us , as Manchester is somewhere we all like to go for fun times.Shopping, pubs, concerts. Very sad times indeed. Hope your daughters class mate is ok.xx

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    • Though she is still off school I believe she is okay. When it’s on your own doorstep it is a shock for sure. We’ve been here before-I live on the estate Lee Rigby came from. His family are still here.


  4. I was thinking of you and your family, knowing you had a young daughter, just came on here to check.

    No words for such heinous acts, but awed at the love and support from random strangers toward the scared and wounded. That turnout says it all.

    Thoughts for hope and healing from my neck of the woods.

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  5. I thought of you and your family when I heard about the bombing. I thought of the brief conversation we had regarding 9/11 here. It’s beyond my comprehension, how human beings are capable of such brutal acts. I will never understand. Moving our species toward kindness and acceptance for others different than ourselves seems to be the only hope.

    Tomorrow evening I’ll be getting on a plane in Boston bound for Heathrow. When I land, I’ll say a prayer and send it toward Manchester.

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  6. You know, Andy, it’s hard sometimes when you’re across the pond to know what is real and what is not. I was afraid this was yet another false flag of crisis actors. I am so sorry that lives were lost and that you are dealing with the fallout of the tragedy. Pray that the truth comes out.
    All the best to you and your family.

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