10 thoughts on “Taking No Chances

  1. Hey Andy,
    Just checking with you on some youtube’s asserting this was yet another false flag, pointing out some consistent stuff like the number 22. I’m just trying to connect the dots, so please don’t be upset. As others state on the youtubes, being a false flag does not mean that nobody died, but that the blame is being pointed at the wrong group. There are at least two individuals who were NOT murdered at Manchester on that day — one was a young woman murdered four years prior, and another was a guy who was very much alive and even made a youtube to prove he was not harmed. Let me know your thoughts and please don’t be offended, I am just searching for the truth.


      • I’ve just seen that. The two people you refer to were never named among the official list of the dead. Twenty two people died-there are at least twenty six people in the photo on that video. As a British commenter pointed out-the Daily Mail is a newspaper that constantly get things wrong. Here we don’t give it any credence-we refer to it as The Daily Fail. What was recorded everywhere else-news media, police lists, etc, were that twenty two people were killed, with all the dead officially named and where they were from listed.
        I don’t lay much stock against conspiracy theories (even though I’m not naive to think we are told the truth about every situation all of the time). The person who posted this video even makes the claim in a comment that the young singer Ariana Grande was involved-she knew this was a hoax. I’ve also read elsewhere some people claiming that the whole thing was a hoax-there was no bomb in Manchester which is ridiculous. I put the testimony of people known to me who were present when the bomb exploded, also others who worked on the injured, and others who I know who were involved in the retrieval and transport of the bodies before the testimony of people who live thousands of miles away looking for smoking guns.
        I’m not offended-it’s right to look into these things. But as I’ve said-there were twenty two officially declared dead, not twenty six or so published by this one inadequate newspaper that is not representative of British media.


  2. Thanks Andy. But there was another video of CBS claiming this girl was among those killed, and this woman was weeping hysterically…but she was not her mother! I don’t doubt that people were killed. I guess I am questioning WHO did the killing. Something about it just does not feel right. It feels like Nazi Germany where they were blaming the Jews for everything and it turned an entire nation against the Jews. But it was all social construction, know what I mean?

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    • Well, where the Nazis persecuted the Jews, there are those who would take the current situation to use against Muslims. And for this end videos such as these can be manipulated. For the Manchester bombing the killer is known. Perhaps not understood, but known. Your comments got me looking further. I found posts and claims that state that the killing of Lee Rigby is a hoax. Some claim that he did not exist. Lee Rigby came from the housing estate that I live on. His family still live a couple of minutes away from me, and I witnessed the shock in my community and also the devastation wreaked upon his family. This is why I give no credence to these things.

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