To Read And To Write; The Creative Life

I spent the morning finishing The Innocents by Ian McEwan.

I felt a great sadness when reading a letter contained within it, suggestive of other lives and other alternatives.

Literature, art, has the power to do this.

I find myself more and more subsumed into the creative life.

I’m currently on the second draft of a novel. I’m not a very disciplined writer. I don’t put aside set times to write. I just decide to go over a chapter when I have a window in time. Although this may seem a quite casual approach, from crude, rudimentary beginnings the book is beginning to take shape.

And yet, amidst this deliberate foray into fiction, poetry is beginning to call to me again. I have long had an eye on a second collection. Not one to multitask, I intended to turn to this after the completion of my novel. But words are beginning to nudge their way in, filter through. Single words, combinations of words, predatory lines demanding attention.

Inspiration doesn’t pay respect to timeframes and schedules.

I have a few new poems written: Judas Kiss, Boathouse, My Father As Child, In Brigantia and others. I’ve not posted much poetry recently on City Jackdaw as I’m holding them back for a possible next collection.

At the moment I’m still deliberating the order of my creative endeavours. My procrastination was given a nudge recently  when I received a letter in the post from a great writer and poet that I gave a name check to in the foreword of my debut collection Heading North. Now in his 81st year and still as creative as ever, he wished me luck on my own foray on this open and crafted path.

This path of conjured words, and alternative worlds, that exist long after the demise of their creator.

16 thoughts on “To Read And To Write; The Creative Life

  1. The creative process is so fascinating. I know exactly what you mean by the words that knocking on the door in your head and wants to come in to be something great when you start working. It’s the same for me with pictures. They come and want to be something. Sometimes right away, sometimes they wait for their mates to come before they grow to an idea of a picture. Keep writing 🙂

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  2. I remember reading an interview with an author who only had her lunch breaks in which to write. She also was a trial attorney, so her free time was limited. Sometimes she only had 30 minutes to write.

    Sometimes that’s the way life is. I hear the stories of parents who only have a small window in which to be creative. This usually happens long after the kids have gone to bed.

    Glad you’re saving your poetry for another collection, Andy! Looking forward to it!

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    • I guess it’s about balancing the time we have. And of course I’m encouraged more upon publication.
      As for a new collection I will keep you posted, pun not intended 🙂


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