Maybe there are choices
to be made

the cawing crow doesn't seem

undisturbed by harbingers
of the future

I will roll up the hill
drift out to sea 

taste the salt on my tongue

a seasoning
to keep me for tomorrow

©AndrewJamesMurray #workinprogress

7 thoughts on “Salted

    • Just sitting outside, thinking about what we’re doing tomorrow, hearing that crow call and thinking how birds and other creatures don’t live beyond the present moment.
      I immediately wrote these lines, thinking it the beginning of a longer poem. Or leaving it as it is-a short poem. What do you think?

      Yes, I’m still building a collection of finished and half finished poems to turn to once my novel is completed. Some exist only as a few lines, but the core is there to build upon.


  1. Leave it as a ‘short poem’…it has the power of suggestion, as well as the beauty of thought….
    Much to ponder – I feel it is so appropriate to our lives – in a wide world sort of way as well as in an individual way (the mark of great poetic communication).
    And an unusual effect: I actually feel a craving for something ‘salted’ so it aids in my personal immersion into the poem.

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