Orkney Odyssey 3: Time Tells

Feeling the need to return.

City Jackdaw

There is a romanticism and a melancholy to the islands.

An echo of times past. A hint of meaning that lies just beyond the wind. Meaning whose origin is adorned by labels: Norse, Pictish, Neolithic. A procession of markers that will outlive us all.

I wonder if living here day after day, year after year, causes you to be blasΓ© about it all? Do the markers become invisible, blending in with the rest of the storm-shaped landscape?

I remember seeing a documentary a few years back about people living in the Scottish Highlands. Among all that natural beauty and dramatic vistas, the young ones were bored to death. They said that visitors would tell them how lucky they were to be living there. They would reply that there was never anything to do. They would amuse themselves by sending travelling tourists in the opposite direction of the landmarks that they…

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6 thoughts on “Orkney Odyssey 3: Time Tells

  1. Return, return, it is more beguiling and beautiful each time. We were hardly home a week earlier this year before we booked a cottage again for next year.

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  2. Really enjoyed your thoughts on island and time.
    As an islander a little more north, you do indeed become part of it all, for body and mind fuse within the land, sky and sea scapes – feeling in harmony with it all. Teenagers are searching themselves and some may feel frustrated in such search, not feeling in the right (geographical) place systematically… Had such feeling in Provence at the time… Oh, we too love layers, for we can have 4 seasons in one day, lol! However, visitors are not acclimatised to such latitudes… With time, layers diminish, as we become part of the landscape :).
    The unearthing through time feels very apt as an analogy. Orkney (like) Shetland offers treasures to be explored, and still digging! Enjoy your next visit! πŸ™‚

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    • I will definitely revisit. It is good to find your ‘home’ in all your wanderings. You are lucky to live on an island-don’t let anyone tell you any different! πŸ™‚

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