6 thoughts on “This. Not Exactly Rock ‘N’ Roll Saturday Night.

    • Yes! Yours was quite uplifting, mine a more late-night vibe. But all good music.
      I checked out Home too, adding it to a playlist.
      Incidentally Home is also the title of one of my favourite Sheryl Crow tracks, I’ve seen her three times live. I refer to her as Shez Croz as Jen hates that name 😂

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      • Yeah, all good music and fun to discover different stuff, I’ll have to look up the SC Home track.
        Meanwhile –
        Do be nice, Andrew…it is after all Valentine’s day…
        ps-speaking of Jen: I just met Gennie, the Dr’s daughter! Am plunging into the Library episodes before the end of this week.

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      • We like those stories-Who turned out the lights? 😀 keeping it spoiler free. Though have you met River Song yet?
        Something confusing for you-the Doctor’s Daughter who you’ve just met: the actress who plays her is the real life daughter of the Fifth Doctor and the real life wife of the Tenth Doctor. With it? 😀


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