When In Crete: The Author’s Tomb

A timely photo maybe, with today being Good Friday, but this isn’t a religious site-rather it’s the tomb of Nikos Kazantzakis, author of works such as Zorba The Greek and The Last Temptation. When we were in Crete in 2008 I travelled to Heraklion to seek it out. I have most of his books and I do like to make personal connections. Fortunately I have a very understanding wife.

Although deeply spiritual, his books often reflected his struggle to find truth in religion and spirituality. Many Orthodox Church clergy condemned Kazantzakis’ work and a campaign was started to excommunicate him. His reply was: “You gave me a curse, Holy fathers, I give you a blessing: may your conscience be as clear as mine and may you be as moral and religious as I” 

The tomb is quite plain, made of stone marked with a wooden cross. The epitaph, taken from one of his works, reads:

 ‘I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free’.

8 thoughts on “When In Crete: The Author’s Tomb

    • It was in 2008 (I think) when I visited. I’ve read a number of his books, and when I go on a trip/holiday somewhere I like to make connections. And if it involves a grave so much the better-I’m that kind of guy 😂

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  1. Yes, I agree, it’s always special to experience the environment of writers that influence you. I recently came back from Santorini and was moved to re-read Zorba the Greek – so much deeper the second time. So, I am now kicking myself for missing the Kazantzakis tomb when I went to Crete some time ago. Now I’m reading ‘Report to Greco’ and realising there is a lot more travelling to do to get into the spirit of this great man.

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    • Yes when I travel anywhere I like to seek out such links, or bring with me something to read connected with the area or reason for travelling. I have one final novel of Kazantzakis to read: The Fratricides. I have it here ready.


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