. . . I Know Her For The Student Of The Cold Northern Chamber

I’m sat on this rainy day in a cafe, drinking coffee and reading Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales Of Terror.

The title of this post comes, not from Jekyll, but from the included gothic vampire tale Olalla, which has captivated me on this gloomy morning. It’s to stories such as this that I habitually begin to turn to around this time.

Even just out of a heatwave, and the recent cessation of the hill fires, maybe it’s the sensing of those approaching blue, irregular nights that puts me in this frame of mind.

Alexander Jansson’s illustration for Olalla.

4 thoughts on “. . . I Know Her For The Student Of The Cold Northern Chamber

  1. Or – you’re just extra anxious to be leaving this year’s hotspot season sooner than usual.
    Your gloomy day sounds kinda cozy…must get me-self to a cafe and hunker down with a java and good book! (as long as it has great AC since it’s 90% humidity and about the same in F temp outside)


    • I spotted it in a charity shop for £2.00!
      It was a month or so ago, and so was in my ‘to read’ pile and it felt the right time. I read lots of classic horror/supernatural works but somehow this one had eluded me until now.


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