7 thoughts on “To My American Friends

  1. Midterms were big this time around. On our way out of town for our week vacay in Chicago, we stood in line for almost 2 hours to cast our votes. We were mostly interested in the governor race http://laurabrunolilly.com/governor-mcmaster-you-should-be-ashamed/
    Fully knowing in this state, it wouldn’t change a thing (sigh) but at least I/we maintained a sense of self-respect and can stand tall, in good conscience, that we spoke our mind through the ballot box. Turns out, in our county, ‘our’ candidate lost only by some 350 votes…so ours did ‘count’!

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      • In selected areas from time to time. And the Parkland crew do talks, help organize student groups, etc around the country.
        But mostly, the involvement of the older students in political activism (as in: getting into the system to change it/voting when they come of age) is what amazes me – if they can understand this triad called persistence, perseverance and patience I believe they will really aid us oldsters in breaking through! And actually be the main force in that breaking through.

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