In Greece; Forever England

Since City Jackdaw has been flying, I think I’ve probably made a Remebrance Sunday post every year. Except yesterday.

As usual we spent the day, which coincided with the Armistice Centennial, by visiting the memorial on which the names of past family members are listed. It’s this personal connection that gives context to the wider impact of that war.

As I didn’t post yesterday, I will share this photograph today: it’s from when I visited the grave of my Gt Grandfather, Timothy O’Sullivan, in 2007, ninety years to the day since he died. He is buried in Thessaloniki. A plot that is forever England.


4 thoughts on “In Greece; Forever England

  1. I don’t know why, but I find it even sadder that your great grandfather rests so far from home. War is such a completely wretched construct conceived by men who mostly don’t have to sacrifice their own lives.

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    • I know what you mean, Mary. When I was there I was mindful of the fact that his daughter, my Gran, and also his other children, one of which I knew as my Gt Aunt, had never had the means to visit this grave that holds their father of whom they had no memories or not even a photograph of. Some years after they themselves had passed, I did it on behalf of them.

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